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[ART] Five reasons to visit Museo Correr in Venice

Hello my dears, As I promised, I want to share with you the emotions (and photos) from my visit in Museo Correr, in Venice. The museum was born in 1922, but the majestic building that hosts the show has been created far earlier: the so called "Ala Napoleonica" (Napoleon's wing), the facade and the porch,… Continue reading [ART] Five reasons to visit Museo Correr in Venice

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Four amazing spots for photos in Turin

Hello dears, Pardonnez-moi if I couldn't update for so long but it has been a tiring and busy month! I traveled a lot, worked and kept up with a lot of projects that were on progress. I'm about to renew my second-hand shop online on Depop (I'm @valetaccori if you're interested!) and many changes has occurred… Continue reading Four amazing spots for photos in Turin

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Last minute trip to Venice

I decided to go to Venice one week before the departure. I won't spend many words to praise a city that is worldwide famous, but let me share a bit of what it meant to me to see such a beautiful place for the first time. I lodged in Mestre, 10 minutes from Venice by… Continue reading Last minute trip to Venice

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Animal print in Venice

All of you who follow me on Instagram know already that I have a thing with animal print. And all of you who are up with the latest trends know that animalier is the Thing of this season. I'm not really the fashion victim, always up with the trend of the season kind of person,… Continue reading Animal print in Venice

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[IT] Gioca con me e risparmia il 10% sul tuo prossimo viaggio con Booking!

Ciao a tutti, Dopo una estenuante assenza, torno a scrivere sul blog. Vi posso dire con grandissima soddisfazione che mi sono laureata e adesso mi sto risposando...sto lavorando. Purtroppo non ho avuto tempo di aggiornare fino ad ora, ma mi faccio perdonare con una sorpresa: uno sconto del 10% sul vostro prossimo viaggio! Continua a… Continue reading [IT] Gioca con me e risparmia il 10% sul tuo prossimo viaggio con Booking!

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Let’s play a game and save 10% on your next trip with!

Hello everyone, I'm back to blogging. I've finally graduated and now I'm on vacations...working everyday and I had just a little time to rest and update (but I have a surprise 10% reward on your next trip for you!) Something has changed. My travel plans, specifically. I'm going to visit Germany as promised, but now… Continue reading Let’s play a game and save 10% on your next trip with!

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Advice from a Caterpillar

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid sir” said Alice. Good morning (or night?) everybody, my name is Valentina, international law student and enthusiast. I like art, every form of it, I sing - privately - and I’m an ELSianer. I basically waste my days wondering where I can go next and how to get the… Continue reading Advice from a Caterpillar